Leather straps for campervan hanging shelf
Leather straps for campervan hanging shelf
Leather straps for campervan hanging shelf
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Leather straps for campervan hanging shelf

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    This is an option to buy a pair of handmade leather straps only.

    Make your own shelf, choose your wood, finish it the way you want, make it your own. ( the original Leafed shelf comes with the perfect ratio of size and weight to be able to transport it easily, it features a pass-through under the shelf to secure it from sliding and is covered with a layer of felt to protect your vehicle from micro scratches or else, the straps will be the only parts that will touch your vehicle but we do recommend to add a layer of protection to whatever piece of wood (or else) you decide to hang on your vehicle if you decide to go this route ) 

    The hanging shelf is your perfect partner for a camperVan trip, in 10 seconds, set up a nice outdoor hanging shelf to your setup to store your favorite items and get ready to relax, this will keep those items safe from little hands or small crawlers.

    Perfect for setting up a camping bar, prep food or just lay down your everyday Carry  

    The integrated loops provide a way to insert any type of wood stick or metal bar and will allow you to hang magazines, a roll of paper or any creative ideas you might have. (dedicated accessory line and hangers coming soon) 

    we are developing a back panel that will hang through those loops to provide additional paint protection if you decide to cook directly on this shelf.

    This Campervan hanging shelf is made by hand in Seattle Washington from full grain leather straps, and pallet wood (full grain plank available as well), it can be delivered raw to apply your own finish or you can choose from one of our 2  finishes - whitewash or natural stain.

    This Shelve hangs on any rain gutter equipped vehicle (VW campers, transporters,bus, baywindow, defenders, Chevy or GMC vans etc), it also hangs on top of any sliding door or any door large enough to support the length of the product , the hooks are nylon covered to prevent any damage to the roof paint, the straps and table have a protective felt layer to prevent any potential scratch on your paint. It's time to upgrade your setup.

    CHS is the first Leafed product we are offering, it was born from years of van camping and inspired by very basic needs in term of outdoor living, we hope it will as useful and provide you as much joy as it does to us in every wilderness trip. 

    this product is handmade and we always welcome feedback, special orders or critics, feel free to message us or write a comment in your order . 



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