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About us

Leafted was born from a desire to create simple solutions for campers, van owners and explorers.

We are based in Seattle WA in the beautiful PNW, we are lucky enough to be surrounded with abundant greenery, lakes, beaches, forest, parks, and even desert.

We enjoy every part of it, we respect nature, we adhere and respect the 'leave no trace ' principles ;

Leafted is a small business that aim to produce 4wd and Camper van simple accessories . Not only simple in their functionnality , but also simple in their construction and overall environmental impact .

We are constantly exploring materials and their inherent qualities, we combine simple elements to create qualitative, rugged and elegant solutions for weekenders and vanlifers.

 leafted studio wood leather van vanlife vehicle accessories handmade made in US

Create / Inspire / Elevate 

  • Create

Learn and understand before you cut and shape .

Processes are by definition changing a natural element into something else, by combining elements by using tools to give shape to material.

It is important to learn about materials to get the best out of them and use the most appropriate for the task, it is important to learn how to use tools to properly handle their capabilities and produce qualitative results, but when you combine both you are able to create quality and strenghts while celebrating the natural grains or inner beauty of those materials.

Partner with passionate builders.

We design, build & test our product on the field.

We also partner and collaborate with talented individuals that have a passion for their crafts.

This is a way for us to create unique and qualitative products and learn along the way.

  • Inspire

.Best products come from real stories

lots of observation, on the field experience & discovering real user needs is crucial to provide simple and genuine solutions 

Craft follows function 

it's not about innovation for the sake of inovation, it' about understanding the material properties, origin and specificities to be able to celebrate it's natural abilities ( strenght, lightness, colors, grain, softness ) and shape it to deliver enhanced  functionality and answer a simple need. 

  • Elevate

Provide simple and elegant solutions

Our aim is to create, propose and provide qualitative and durable solutions for campers and van owners . 

We want to provide tools that will help set up the perfect camp, that will enhance your experience both visually and practically .

We want to provide elegant and simple products that will deliver functionality & compliment your interior or camp at the same time.

We want to elevate your camp. 


We are campervan owner, explorers and accessories builders, we see in our exploration vehicles a way to get closer to nature, a sense of freedom, a bed with wheels ready to transport you and your friends anywhere. we love our exploration units, we want to create tools and accessories that will come along and enhance your wilderness experience 


elevated by nature & fueled by the elements.

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