Size and specs .

We are proposing 2 lenghts of Straps : Short & Long

the best way to choose the size that you'll need for your vehicle is to define where you will attach the hooks ( hooks can be attached to a rain gutter, the top of a sliding door, a pocket in your roof rack etc ) 

The second point you'll need to define is the height of your shelf, some of us like to place the shelf really low and some people like to keep it pretty high to prevent kids or animals to reach certain products . 

measure the distance from the attachement point to the desire height of the table .

both lenghts of straps can be adjusted.

  • the Short straps can be adjusted from 2 feet to 3 feet (0.6m to 0.92m)
  • the Long straps can be adjusted from 2 feet to 5.5 feet (0.6m to 1.7m)

if you are unsure , feel free to choose the long straps and cut them to size .( you'll need to burn the end of the nylon strap to prevent it from fraying)  

  • The leather straps maximum lenght is dictated by the size of the hide , they are fully adjustable from 2 feet all the way to 3.8 feet. (0.6m to 1.15m) ( they might not be suitable for high roof vehicle) 


So you want to build your own hanging table  ?

For those who wants to get their hands dirty and build their own shelf, we provide the opportunity to buy the straps separately here and will happily provide the plans to build your own plank out of the material you choose and the finish you desire. 

Don't be scared, it is very approachable and you'll have fun building your own product. 

We provide nylon straps and leather straps to hang your creation, they are rated at 300 lbs so you can build with peace of mind and load that table with heavy stuff. 

Let us know what you end up building through our contact from or email and send us your IG so we can feature your creation.